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Thursday, December 11, 2008

Jay Chou sings Chrysanthemum Flower Bed, Lena Park and Wyclef Jean help sing

Source: LibertyTimes

Yesterday night Jay Chou performed at an event held by a wine company in Shanghai, the main organisers arranged to have Wyclef Jean and Lena Park duet with him, Jay Chou said happily: "It's super diao!"

Wyclef from the Fugees, who has been acknowledged as he has won a Grammy, played accompany piano music while looking at Romanization to duet with Jay Chou on "Chrysanthemum Flower Bed", even Lena Park joined in, even though Wyclef and Lena Park's Chinese aren't up to standard, but the scene of 3 artists from different countries collaborating touched guests offstage.
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Jay Chou said his English isn't good, but he believes music can break through any language barrier, the performance from last night was the best evidence for this. In the middle third of this month Jay Chou will be holding a concert in Toronto in Canada and Connecticut in America, he hopes to attract more foreigners to learn Chinese songs.

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