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Monday, December 8, 2008

Jessie Chiang friends with many illustrious seniors; debuting in a blaze

Jessie Chiang friends with many illustrious seniors; debuting in a blaze
Source: Epoch Times
Who is it? Who has so much 'face', getting the well wishes of Jay 'President' Chou (周董), Wilbur Pan Wei Bo (潘玮柏), Vincent Fang Wen Shan (方文山), Andy Xu Zhi An (许志安), as well as other heavenly kings, debuting in a blaze? Before she even debuted, she was already the target of the paparazzi, and was also mysteriously named 'Big Brother's Woman'. As long as you've been monitoring the news for a period of time, when we say the three words 'Jiang Yu Chen', even though you haven't seen her face before, you should already know, that legend has it that she is 'Jay Chou's J Girl.'

In real life, She is extremely 'Man'

Jessie Chiang Yu Chen (江语晨) strongly expressed that Jay Chou, Wilbur Pan, and Vincent Fang are long time friends, people whom she has known for a long period of time. She was once photographed by paparazzi driving a car, which was widely speculated to be sent to her by Jay Chou. Jessie, whose family background is not bad, opened her eyes widely and cleared the rumours, saying: "The car was bought for me by my grandfather, and he used his retirement money to buy it, as he wants me to bring my sick grandmother back and forth to see the doctor."

Jessie, who is currently single, reveals that she admires fellow 'J-Girl' Alice Tseng (曾恺玹), whom she says is not only pretty, but very womanly, and is a 'Super Beauty' in male's eyes. Compared to her, she has a rambunctious personality, and she can only be good pals with males. "Everyone tells me, don't show your real personality!" because in MVs she has a princess image, which is very different from her in real life, where she dresses like a boy. Even though she has a very sweet smile, her voice is actually very deep and 'manly like'.

Strictly no carbohydrates in meals

Not all celebrities are born beauties. Jessie reveals: "When I was in school, I was under a lot of stress, and once I bloated up to 55kg." Now, in her three meals every day, carbohydrates are almost completely eliminated, and if there is no dinner she doesn't eat. She shared the fact that her favourite 'diet food' is Salt Chicken, because it doesn't contain carbohydrates, it has very little oil, it's delicious, and she gets full eating it.

When asked about her favourite sport, she proudly says: "At the arcarde, my basketball points can reach 300!", probably because she usually tags along with Jay Chou's gang of friends to play basketball. She even revealed that she would usually skateboard with her friends to nearby night markets to shop, no wonder her company had to help her insure her legs for 30 million.

Jessie expressed that she doesn't like to wear thick makeup, whenever there is no work she wouldn't wear any and would go about bare faced. However, she must wear coffee coloured circle lenses, and she also chooses lens that have an eclosion effect on the outer edges, so to improve previous lens that give people the impression of being dull. She does that even though without makeup, her eyes can still look bright and alert.

For skin maintenance, Jessie usually likes to visit Southeast Asia and it's beaches for vacation, and after tanning, she must use a moisturizing gel thick enough to heal bruised skin, also, at night before she sleeps, she will rub a thin layer of moisturizer, healing dry skin. Whenever she gets home, she will massage both legs, this shows that long legged beauties must put in lots of effort as well.

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