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Friday, December 19, 2008

Da S surprised at Vivian & Joe's marriage news; 'can't say dead' about her & ZaiZai

source: XiaMen Hotline
translated by: Sarah @

Yesterday, Da S arrived at an arts centre in Beijing. Recently, she has been signed to be the ambassador of COTTON USA, and hence, she specially wrote a poem in support of nature and environmental protection. At the event, the media told Da S about the news of Vivian Chow and Joe Nieh getting married, and when she heard this, she was extremely surprised, but offered her congratulations. At the same time, when she answered a question about her relationship with ex-boyfriend ZaiZai, she said, “Can’t say dead,’ showing that there may still be the possibility of a reconciliation.

The theme of the event was associated to ‘Natural Story’. From the universe – natural world is the beginning. Then comes Earth, soil, sky, rain, wind, sun, water, trees and the beautiful land which we live on. Being the endorser of the cotton brand, Da S wore a pure cotton angel dress, and looked naturally beautiful.

Da S says that in her own life, she loves cotton products: “Natural, comfortable and healthy is a life I pursue.” And as the ambassador for COTTON USA, Da S is rather professional. She, who loves shoes, not only personally designed a pair of pure ‘cotton’ shoes as a souvenir, she also personally wrote a poem to support nature, and environmental protection:

Some people say, Earth is blue, like the colour we see from the depths of the universe
Some people say, Earth is transparent, as if we can see each other in the air
I say, Earth should be colourful
Blue, like the magnificant blue sky
Green, like the grass infront of our house
Deep, like the ocean with no end in sight
Yellow, like the fertile ground
White, like the pure cotton field in our dreams
Earth was indeed colourful when we were a child
But don’t know from when, Earth became bleak
One hundred years later, what kind of Earth will our children see?
Can they still possess the dawn of hope?
Can they still embrace the ocean, praising the magnificant coastline?
Can they still play in the woods, like how we did when we were children?
Can they still guard the precious cotton fields, living a comfortable and natural life?
For the future of our Earth,
And for our future,
From today,
Let us go back to nature, cherish nature
Because only with nature,
Do we have a future

Along with this poem, Da S also took a number of pure and fresh photos. In the photos, so to portray the universe, Earth and sky etc, she went to many places to find the scenary. At the event, Da S shared her extraordinary photoshoot experience with everyone: “Many of the photos look really beautiful, but filming was actually quite dangerous! Like there is one photo of me sleeping on a rock, we shot this photo on Monkey Island. At the time, there were many monkeys playing on my head, and this scared the workers and they rushed to shoo them away. And as for me, I just lay there, too scared to open my eyes, persevering to finish the photoshoot.”

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