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Sunday, December 14, 2008

Rainie Yang changes her looks for her album and refuses men with good qualities

Date: 11 December 2008
Translated: JPOO @

Rainie attended a interview in Hong Kong yesterday, she said she had to change her looks alot for her new album, she was previously worried that everyone would reject it, but fortunately the sales for her new album aren't bad.
Rainie also said, she would like to be in a relationship any time, but at the moment she hasn't got anyone in mind, she's been to blind dates, but non of them are right for her, she has also been introduced with men with superb qualities, but she feels that men with good qualities are dangerous, so no thanks!

Regarding her idol-drama "Miss No Good" which failed to break "Fated To Love You's" ratings she said "the two dramas broadcasted on different times, when our drama broadcasted it became first and that was enough.
Do I think of myself as the ratings guarantee? the ratings are depended on the audience's preferences, noone would be the ratings guarantee(r ) forever, but being able to be a nominee for the Golden Bell awards was really unexpected, never ever thought that I would get a prize.

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