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Monday, December 8, 2008

What I've learned in the year 2008 - Ariel Lin plowing in mid year; harvesting by year's end
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What I've learned in the year 2008
Ariel Lin plowing in mid year; harvesting by year's end
Lin Yi Chen has celebrated her 26th birthday on 29th October, two days later, she won the Golden Bell Best Actress Award through her role [They Kiss Again], she didn’t cry, she was very calm while delivering her acceptance speech: [I will use my life to perform and continue to work hard. I don’t feel guilty for getting this award.] Two weeks later, Yi Chen is getting ready to move into her dream that she has been dreaming for 26 years, getting her very first home. Having the friendliness and adorableness of a girl next door, Lin Yi Chen’s inner self is more mature and steady than her physical appearance. She's taking one slow and steady step at a time in reaching her goals. During the journey, she has waited, she has been patience, she has been giving her full-forced and she has been baring the responsibilities, pressures and work loads that are beyond her age. At the end of the year when she looked back to 2008, Yi Chen smiles and received the hard earned rewards that she deserved.

I learned how to move forward together with my father who has once again appeared back in my life
After 20 years, finally able to have the chance to compensate on the hiatus and estrangement between a father and a daughter. This year, the time that I have spent with my father will be the total summation for the past. My parents divorce when I was 5 but not until I was in my high school years that my mom told me about the truth. Before this, my impression of my father was just a few clips of here and there, only know that he is a wanderer, reckless, someone who really knows how to make himself happy. My father is a car salesman, 2 to 3 years ago he has come across some financial difficulties and he has expressed that he was hoping that he could be the one who will pick me up or drop me off from my work. Then the travel expenses can be used to pay as my father's daily allowance. This year during the months of May and June, my father and I have decided to meet in a coffee shop to discuss about the matter again, I think that I should be doing this since I have the ability so I agreed. Seeing my father weeping right at the spot, my heart feels quite emotional too. Starting in July, my father has become my driver plus bodyguard during my work days. His memory is not that good so every time when I see him writing down my schedule in his notebook, it will reminds of his handwriting that I’ve come across in the phone book when I was small. After all these years, now only I know my father likes to eat pineapple bun. When we are free, we will go to Da-Jia Riverside Park to ride bicycles together. We have lost a lot of quality times together. Last time I will just be blamimg him for everything but now while I am blaming him about what he has done for me, at the same time, I will also asked myself what I have done for him? I want to thank the god for allowing us to have the chance to compensate this lost, allowing him to appear into my life again, we will continue to move forward together.

I have learned to broaden my horizon when I looked at the world
This year the happiest moment will be the time when I get to sign the contract for getting my home. Getting my own home has been my dream since I was young. After 2 or more years, looking through hundreds of apartments, finally able to find the apartment that I like near the National Dr Sun Yat Sen Memorial. It was through the recommendation of Mr Security Guard that I was able to get it at a low price. And now the furnishing is almost finished, soon my family will be able to move in comfortably. I am able to design and plan out according to my own ideas, taking close participation in every tiny details, it was such a rewarding feeling. This year, I am very happy that I get to receive such a small personal reward but also aware that the entire environment is being surrounded by lost and helplessness. Everyone has been worrying about their current status and their future, busy looking at the small boundary that they have set for themselves without taking notice of all the happenings in every corner of the world, I feel that a lot of things are started off with momentum. Look around and see what other places are doing and thinking, maybe then it will also allow us to have a new and bigger view. If we are just looking at it from the inside it will easily leads us to a dead end.

2008 Quick Question and Answer
Most thankful person: Mother, my manager Xiao Yu
The most interesting people that I’ve met: Janet (Host in "Fun Taiwan"), Ms Liu Li Hui (a lecturer who is professional in Table manners and Table setting)
Favorite movies or tv series:Fun Taiwan (a show in Travel & Living Channel)
Favorite book: Secret (Naoko in English Title by Keigo Higashino) (or she really wants to keep it as a secret)
People you talked to the most via phone or MSN: Mother and assistant
This year’s greatest present or (the most valuable item): The iPhone that Xiao Zhong gave me on my birthday and a Tiffany necklace from a friend
Wish in 2009: Take part in a very interesting movie

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