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Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Jay Chou: A dream after 30, to win a Grammy singing Chinese songs will be very diao!

Source: NOWnews

Jay Chou was nominated for Best Original Movie Song at the 45th Golden Horse Awards with "Hero Chou" in the film "Kung Fu Dunk", he didn't attend the awards ceremony, instead he went to Shanghai to attend a party, towards not winning, Jay Chou got over it quickly, instead he said, he was surprised to even be nominated; he also revealed after 30, the thing he wants the most is a Grammy award.

He proudly walked on the red carpet, but this wasn't at the Golden Horse Awards in Taiwan, perhaps he already expected he wouldn't win, Jay Chou decided to go to Shanghai to attend a concert held by a wine company, Jay Chou said, "Today I said it would be strange getting an award, I've got Vincent Fang to go in place of me, yes yes yes, it's enough for Vincent Fang to go, because he wrote this song (Vincent Fang wrote the lyrics, Jay Chou wrote the song)."

3 years ago Jay Chou once won the Best Newcomer Award at the Golden Horse Awards, but afterwards he either didn't get nominated or didn't win, even when he has been in a few blockbuster movies he still didn't get nominated for his acting, all Jay Chou can do is ridicule himself, Jay Chou said, "Because, this was a duet by me and my makeup artist, I didn't think it would get nominated, I myself feel very surprised, it's very cool!"

But in terms of music, Jay Chou is very ambitious, Jay Chou said, "I think a Grammy, I think it would be very diao to get a Grammy singing Chinese songs."
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Even though this year Jay Chou was nominated with "Hero Chou" for Best Original Movie Song and lost to "North of the Country Border" of "Cape No 7", but Jay Chou still hopes he can gain recognition from the world through his writing.

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