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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Shin performs magic to thank Jessie Chiang for guesting at his concert

source: epochtimes
translated by: Sarah @

To thank Jessie Chiang for guesting at his concert, Shin specially showed off a magic performance, and this made Jessie happily laugh!

Is Shin becoming a magician? Earlier, Shin performed some magic to Jessie. He held a thin branch in his hands, and as he walked up to Jessie, he shook his left hand, and suddenly a rose appeared. Because Shin did not know what to give, he ended up making many interesting things appear. He said seriously: “I initially was planning on a big bouquet of flowers, but then I realized my skill is not great enough.”

Jessie was quite shocked at Shin’s magic skills and she said: “I’ve seen other peoples’ magic before la! But Shin’s performance was very good, this will definitely win the hearts of many girls.” She also added: “I’m very happy that Shin invited me to guest at his concert, my first time, and it’s with him, I feel very happy.”

Shin also expressed that he will definitely support Jessie in the future: “I think she has a lot of potential, hopefully not too long after, she will also hold a very big concert, and I will definitely agree to be her guest too. Maybe I can even show off some magic.”

Shin, who is always overseas will not spend Christmas in Taiwan this year. He hopes that through this concert, he can let everyone celebrate an early Christmas, and he wishes everyone to have a merry Christmas and happy new year.

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