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Friday, December 12, 2008

Ethan Ruan will name his children Ruan Mian Mian and Ruan Pa Pa

Ethan Ruan will name his children Ruan Mian Mian and Ruan Pa Pa
Source: UDN
Translated by catalie @
Ever since he entered the entertainment industry, relationship rumours circulating around Ethan Ruan have never stopped and this has also made the outside world have a playboy impression of him. However, when Ethan was promoting his new book on Entertainment @ Azio (東風娛樂通 an entertainment show), his good friends Ah Jun and Mark jumped out and ensured that "Although he chooses romance over friendship and won't answer our phonecalls when he is with his girlfriend, he is very committed to his girlfriend."

Ethan Ruan, who hopes to have children once he gets married, has even chosen a name for his daughter, he said seriously, "My daughter will definitely be very cute, I want to name her Ruan Mian Mian."

Ethan Ruan is not only committed to his girlfriend but also very considerate. If his girlfriend wants to go out at night, not matter how late it is, Ethan will be her chauffeur with just one phonecall. Ethan expressed, "I think that my girlfriend will be quite pretty so when we are out at night, I tend to get worried. Also, it doesn't take much effort to drive her and at the same time I can also protect her, isn't this just right?"

However, Ah Jun and Mark feel that Ethan values romance over friendship: "As soon as Ethan doesn't answer our calls, we know he has a girlfriend!" However, not only did Ethan not mind his friends' accusations, he even seriously expressed, "Valuing romance over friends is a must! If you're my friend, it's not too much to wait a while for me!"

Besides willing to be his girlfriend's chauffeur, if there are prawns being served at the dinner table, Ethan will also peel the shells for his girlfriend. Even though he explained that when two people eat prawns together, as long as one person's hands have the taste, it's enough, his good intentions were clear.

Ethan who wants to have children in the future, revealed that he has already thought of a name for his daughter, "I want to name her Ruan Mian Mian. It sounds so cute as soon as you hear it!" The crowd laughed and said since his daughter will be called "Ruan Mian Mian", then his son should be called "Ruan Pa Pa".

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Maureen said...

I think that his future children's names are cute!