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Sunday, December 14, 2008

Danson Tang spoils his niece, spending over $NT500,000

Danson Tang spoils his niece, spending over $NT500,000
Source: Apple Daily
Translated by catalie @

In the entertainment circle, Danson Tang is known for spoiling his niece, little Maiya. As soon as he is overseas and has time to shop, he will go to the children's department first. Little Maiya is only 6 months old but he has spent over $500,000 on her. He even once bought a large coat for her from Hong Kong costing $HK10,000 (approx. $NT43,000). He said, "When I bought it it was summer but my mother and I insisted that she wear it so we could take photos, it was too hot for her."

When little Maiya was born, Danson was overseas so as soon as he got off the plane, he rushed immediately to the hospital. As soon as he saw his niece, he got emotional and his eyes went red. He even said, "Uncle will love you just like a girlfriend."

Likes to dress her up
Danson's other hobby, is dressing up little Maiya in different styles. Recently when he was in Japan, he bought woollen clothing from the children's department and said, "Woollen clothing is very cute and also very warm in winter."

On Danson's birthday, his sister and mother even specially brought little Maiya along to surprise him.

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