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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Looking handsome underwater, Van Fan chokes

Looking handsome underwater, Van Fan chokes

Source: UDN
Translated by
Van Fan risks his health for his concert, on a winter's day he still must put on a cool expression and look handsome at the bottom of a diving pool, causing him to immediately shout that it really is a bit exhausting.

After being busy with the Golden Horse Awards, Van Fan puts his heart and soul into preparations for his concert. Besides having to be familiar with the singing style and guitar tabs for newly rearranged classic songs, he even specially found free time to film a VCR that will be played at the concert. Being so busy with rehearsals, he had no time to inquire about filming details in advance. Only when he arrived at the filming location and he discovered that there was no script, did he ask the director. Who would have though that the director would say, "Everything is a secret."

After filming solo scenes in front of a bluescreen, Van Fan thought his work was complete. He didn't expect that a large group of people would then drag him to the diving pool of Nangang Athletic Centre (南港運動中心). He immediately asked with panic, "Do I have to go into the water? Do I have to take off my clothes? I didn't bring swimming trunks!" The director immediately commanded him to go into the 5m deep diving pool with one jump and he also had to look like he was slowing sinking to the bottom of the pool. Then he had to suddenly wake up and swim back up with all his effort.

He tried several times one after the other but the director was not satisfied so he had to refilm it time and time again. A few times in order for the scene to look more realistic, he even accidentally choked on the water. As he watched the beauty emerge from the scene, he immediately cried, "Even though it was very exhausting, it was very worthwhile."

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