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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

George Lam, Sally Yeh living separately

George Lam, Sally Yeh living separately
Yahoo News

Even though Hong Kong singer George Lam has expressed that things are fine between him and wife Sally Yeh, according to reliable sources, the couple is now living in different units on different stories of the same building.

61-year-old Lam and 47-year-old Yeh has been in an 11 years marriage; recent reports reveal their marriage to be on the rock. Lam was caught shopping alone while Yeh was reported to be seeing a young badminton coach. There were also rumors of their uncoordinated lifestyle; Yeh has revealed to the media earlier that she is unable to get used to Lam's early morning golf sessions so they have been sleeping in different rooms.

In recent years, the golden couple, who has created much sensation on stage, has decreased appearances on stage as a couple. Since their last performance on Toronto in December 2007, they have declined to appear on stage together.

When they were in Singapore to attend their friend, also 1977's Miss Hong Kong, Loletta Chu's wedding in end Nov, they were seated at different tables at the banquet and subsequently returned separately to Hong Kong.

In September this year, the couple moved in to a condominium at Happy Valley in Hong Kong; but to different units - one on the fifth floor and another on the sixth. According to sources, they chose such arrangement to avoid meeting each other. Yeh is also said to be maintaining status quo despite differences, so as not to worry her parents, especially her sick father.

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