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Monday, December 15, 2008

Fans forced Yoga Lin and Ashin to sing together

Fans forced Yoga Lin and Ashin to sing together
Source: udn
Translated by catalie @
On the second day of Mayday's concerts, Yoga Lin was invited as a guest. As a diehard fan, he especially chose to sing "A Future With You", admitting that at one time, Mayday was a necessity to him - he couldn't be without them. Having heard this, fans shouted "come together with Ashin"!

Even though Ashin has been in the entertainment industry for 9 years, he still feels very nervous before each performance. He didn't expect his agent to mention that when the concert concluded, some of the audience said, "Mayday have suffered a lot to earn their money." This confirmation moved him and he even said mockingly, "We don't suffer to earn money, we don't earn money! We want to earn the emotions of fans."

Last night Mayday performed the never-before released "Big, golden coloured street". As they had become aquainted with each other in secondary high, they also especially found 50 students from that school's guitar club to sing "Simple-minded Person" (憨人), encouraging fans to make the most of their youth and pursue their dreams with courage. "Perhaps the next Mayday is already here (in the crowd)."

Perceptual Ashin said, "If we are an idol group, perhaps we would have disappeared long ago. I hope that in 8 years time, Mayday can have a concert here again!" then asked fans to hold hands and toss their colourful victory ribbons together. At once, a magnificent ocean of blue was created. The scene was spectacular, the atmosphere was touching.

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