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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Striking big with a "pop"

Striking big with a "pop"
Yahoo News

Taiwanese Mandopop boyband Lollipop, is more than your childhood candy on a stick. These six boys are bound to entertain you with their talents and good-looks (As requested by the boys to emphasize)!

Just like any other new blood in the industry, Lollipop has much training and hardship to endure. For example, the boys have experienced working 36 hours straight. Such instances are getting more frequent but Lollipop claims to have gotten used to it.

Fabien, for example, has learned to sleep whenever, wherever possible, or rather, whenever there's a job (William even named his syndrome as "working sleeping"). That becomes a problem when they are appearing on TV shows but Fabien just have to hold it out. Fortunately they are a band of six, so whenever someone starts falling behind, they can give each other a pull or a nudge to keep everyone going in a light-hearted mood. This is how we always see a lively Lollipop on screen.

While fans see Lollipop as excelling in every aspect of their career such as hosting, singing, dancing and acting, Lollipop does have their complains about work. Fabien and Prince both express that they do not like dancing. Prince even reveals that dancing has taken the fun out of his life and he no longer understands why he still does it. With so many fans supporting them, such words might seems immature but it is also these honest opinion that makes them a rare gem in the industry.

While most new artistes fear having to appear on Taiwan's variety show, Lollipop's fear revolves around their boss. Owdog fears going overboard when having to act ugly; A-Wei fears being the comedian in the group who is totally not funny; William is just afraid of saying the wrong thing; they are bound to get scolded by the boss.

So how scary is their boss really? William recalls an incident when they appear on a talk show and quite a bit of lines got screwed up. After the show, Andy (boss) ticked them off slightly. The rest of the guys immediately reiterated that it was a 30 minutes lecture.

Just when the topic turned to fans, the boys took the chance to boast about their looks and charm. And when the microphone is passed to A-Wei, everybody starts to interrupt and reveals, "A-Wei says he used to be the beau of his school!"

It is obvious that the boys are being sarcastic and in defense, A-Wei says, "I used to be really good-looking ok! And I am talking about inner beauty here." The guys conveniently ignore A-Wei by laughing it off.

The boys from Lollipop have been working closely with Hey Girl ever since they started out in the industry. Their collaboration has sparked many scandals; like Prince and Ghost, and A-Wei and Yako. Lil'jay immediately clarifies for the band that the company has strict rules to observe; Lollipop is not supposed to hang out with Hey Girl outside work, therefore, such news is nothing but rumors.

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