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Sunday, December 14, 2008

Show Luo holds fan meet & forgets lyrics; pushes blame on Aaron Kwok

source: chinatimes
translated by: Sarah @

Show Luo held a fan meet in Ximen yesterday, and he sung his new song ‘Strong Reasons’. His dancing had full momentum, but halfway through the song, he suddenly forgot the lyrics. Show hastened to yell stop, and requested to sing it again. Afterwards, he clarified: “The night before yesterday, I went to Aaron Kwok’s concert, and now my brain is still full of flashing images of him, that’s why I forgot the lyrics,” pushing the responsibility to Aaron!

Yesterday, member of national Taekwando team Yang Shu Jun made a guest appearance, and she revealed that 5 years ago, she went on ‘Youth Corps’ that was back then hosted by Show. She said that when they were playing a game, Show would grab her leg, and not let go, and this almost resulted in her suffering spinal injuries. After hearing this, Show was extremely shocked. He did not realize that a little fun game, could have resulted in damaging her career.

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