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Sunday, December 14, 2008

Tears flow at Zax Wang & Ji Qin's wedding; 5566 were not present

Tears flow at Zax Wang & Ji Qin's wedding; 5566 were not present
Source: Sina
Translated by Initial E @
Yesterday, on the 11th of December, Zax Wang Ren Fu (王仁甫) finally married Ji Qin (季芹), the woman who has borne him two children, in Guam Island. However, the result of too many good things at once is that weird things would start happening. Guam's weather has always been good, but just on that day, it saw it's first heavy thunderstorm in 8 years. The rain and wind was the hardest from the start of the ceremony to the end, with their relatives and friends all taking shelter in the church as they were all afraid of getting soaked. In the ceremony, both Zax and Ji Qin's faces were bathed in tears. However, there were no celebrities present in this wedding, not even 5566 members.

Yesterday afternoon, people spotted Zax changing into his white tuxedo, then walking to the church next to the hotel. It is rare that he would dress up so nicely, and around him there were many photographers taking pictures.

This time Zax went to Guam as a groom, and he was extremely nervous and impatient. He asked Ji Qin repeatedly: "Where are the rings? Is the hair and makeup OK?" At first Ji Qin said that she wouldn't cry, however when she saw her husband cry, her tears began to fall of their own accord.

Zax carried their daughter Le Le, and son Ya Ya into the church, and Le Le was the one who gave the rings to the pastor. After Ji Qin walked in hand in hand with her father, her father said to Zax: "I'm going to hand over to you my most beloved daughter!" After hearing this sentence, Zax couldn't hold back anymore and starting crying; even the relatives and friends present had to wipe away their tears.

The person who created the most entertainment that day was Ya Ya. Maybe it was because he wasn't acclimatized to Guam yet, but in the first 3 days he didn't empty his bowels. Only when his father and mother were getting married did he produce a whole sack of 'yellow gold'. Zax said: "This is a good omen." Ya Ya's sister Le Le didn't just sit around either, she kept jumping up and down, almost tearing Ji Qin's veil. Luckily her grandmother (Zax's mother) managed to carry her away in time, before a crisis occured.

The weather in Guam has always been pleasant, hence it was strange when, at 3pm when the ceremony was supposed to start, the sky suddenly turned grey and dark. The wedding team hadn't even left the hotel before it started to rain, so the 'Ji Fu Wedding Team' had to brave the rain to get to the church.

The mood in the church was full of cheer, with people happy and celebrating, while the rain continued to pour outside. The church got them a foreign pastor, and even in a few sentences into his speech, the two's 'noses started to ache', and together with the rain pouring outside, God wept together with the new groom and bride. It was only 1 hour later when the ceremony ended that the sky was clear again.

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