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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Eason Chen out to clinch the Top 10 awards again

Eason Chen out to clinch the Top 10 awards again
Yahoo Taiwan

Ten singers made their appearances on the press conference of the Hong Kong "Jade Solid Gold Top 10 Awards". Among them include Eason Chen, Miriam Yeung and Hacken Lee.

Last year, Chen took down two big awards in the male categories; this year, he hopes to clinch the same awards for the second year running, but the most important thing is to be a good singer who shows consistence performances.

Host Eric Tsang reveals to admire Yeung for her diligence; though she has never received any awards, she attends the ceremony without fail. This time, she even attends the press conference.

Yeung smiles shyly and says, "I'm here to get the most hardworking artiste award!" She also expresses thanks to Tsang for his compliments and acknowledging her spirits.

When asked about a magazine's recent allegation of her spending a six figure sum of Hong Kong dollars on the higher management of TVB, to ensure she clinches the "Best Asia Pacific Female Singer" award, Yeung admits to have yearnings for the award but adds that she needs to release a Mandarin album before being able to openly compete for the award.

Nominee for Best Newcomer Award William Chan faces stiff competition and has low confidence in clinching the award. In his opinion, the person with the best chance is Det Di.

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