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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Vivian Chow's boyfriend caught kissing hot chick

Vivian Chow's boyfriend caught kissing hot chick
Yahoo News

Vivian Chow's boyfriend, Joe Nieh, was caught by paparazzi, French-kissing a hot chick at a nightspot, raising another red flag in their relationship. Nieh later admits to have "embarrassed" Vivian in this incident.

According to reports, Nieh was shocked when he was presented with the photos. He admits to his action and says, "I was wrong It was very stupid I have embarrassed my partner" He also expresses his apologies to Vivian's fans and supporters and is prepared for the consequences.

Nieh was seen with three ladies at Lan Kwai Fong, Hong Kong, after midnight on Dec 7. The lady who shared intimacy with Nieh was said to resemble Leon Lai's girlfriend, famous Hong Kong model Gaile Lai.

The couple was seen kissing for 5 minutes between 12.06a.m. and 12:11a.m. They left the nightspot for the streets around 1a.m. appearing drunk and acting intimate. The couple finally went their separate ways around 2a.m. with Nieh going home alone.

Chow and Nieh has been an item for 20 years but the relationship has not been a smooth ride. Anita Chan and Ruby Yao have both been rumored to be Nieh's lover. Chow had left home on one occasion last year, and it was only after Nieh arranged a South Africa vacation did the two get back together.

According to sources, Chow has previously mentioned that she will be visiting their adopted daughter in Thailand in mid December with Nieh.

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