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Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Promoting new album; Fahrenheit do not mind being 'consumed'

source: UDN
translated by: Sarah @

For their upcoming new album, Fahrenheit have gone all out. 4 lucky fans have the chance to spend 1 hour with one of the Fahrenheit members. As long as it is within the time limit, and do not violate the customs of society, they can ‘consume’ them as much as possible.

To encourage fans to buy their new album ‘More And More Love’, which will go on pre-order from the 10th, Fahrenheit have agreed to give themselves up. In the whole stock of albums, they have placed only 4 vouchers, and this represents a specific Fahrenheit member’s ‘exclusive consumer coupon.’ Whichever lucky fans find a coupon, they can spend 1 hour with their idol, as long as it is in ‘public place, does not violate customs of society and regards health and well-being.’

However, Fahrenheit do have their own limits to being ‘consumed.’ Aaron Yan said, “I can only allow for fans to kiss my cheek, and cannot leave too much saliva.” Jiro Wang is more generous: “As long as fans are happy, then I’m OK, it’ll be good if they are creative, but no X-rated action is allowed. However, if she is not afraid of her hands being sore, I don’t mind if she hugs me for 1 hour.” Calvin Chen goes totally out: ‘As long as we are fully clothed, she can touch my whole body if she wants.” Wu Zun is also quite generous: “If the opposite party can make me feel at ease, and makes me trust her, then I am willing to exchange phone numbers.”

Yesterday, Fahrenheit had a photoshoot with 4 little 3-year old brides. However, the children kept making sour faces, and their parents had to yell the password: “Are watermelon sweet or not sweet?” and the children would reply, “Sweet!” and then their face would break out into a smile. Fahrenheit joked and said they had learnt a new trick, and Wu Zun, who was previously rumoured to be already married and had kids commented: “I love children, I will want at least 3-5 children.”

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