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Sunday, December 14, 2008

Jay Chou gives up his first time being an audience member to Aaron Kwok

Source: Apple

Jay Chou has been out for 9 years, he's held countless concerts, yesterday night was the first time he went to watch someone else's concert in Taiwan, he went to support Aaron Kwok. A few days ago Jay Chou just finished filming the movie "Beggar So" in Beijing, while he had some free time before going to Toronto in Canada and Connecticut in America to hold concerts he went to Aaron Kwok's concert in the Taipei Arena.
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In fact Jay Chou and Aaron Kwok have quite a friendship, before he wrote the song "Love" for him, last year Aaron Kwok was a guest performer at Jay Chou's Hong Kong Coliseum concert, the two heavenly kings danced "Love For You Never Ends", it was unforgettable for fans. Afterwards Aaron Kwok came to Taiwan and Jay Chou took him around the town in his 38 million yuan sports car, he wanted to show off to his idol, yet he wasn't aware that Aaron had a 50 million collectible car, afterwards he felt a bit silly. Jay Chou arrived at the concert at the very last minute, this was his first time "watching" a concert, what attracted him? He said smiling: "Because he's heavenly king Kwok!" As to which part he wanted to watch the most, he said: "Of course it's the Guinness World Records (referring to the 450 degrees rotating stage)!"

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