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Monday, December 29, 2008

2008 Wireless Music Award Recipients

Awards for the Songs Category:

Best Selling Film Music:
Jay Chou's 周杰伦 [Rainbow 彩虹], downloaded 2739206 times

Best Selling Duet:
Wang Leehom 王力宏 & Selina's [You're the Song of my Heart 你是我心里的一首歌]
2008 Wireless Music Award Recipients
Source: Jay CN
Date: Sunday December 28, 2008
Translated by Initial E @
Best Selling Hip-Hop Song:
Wilber Pan's 潘玮柏 [Playing Cool 玩酷], downloaded 656088 times

Best Selling Rock Song:
Wang Leehom's [Change Myself 改变自己], downloaded 1296800 times

Best Selling Sentimental Song:
Chen Chu Sheng's 陈楚生 [Has Anyone Told You 有没有人告诉你], downloaded 16564460 times

Best Selling Title Track:
Guang Liang's 光良 [Left Side 右手边], downloaded 3762369 times

Best Selling Debut Album:
Li Yu Chun's 李宇春 [China Youth 少年中国], downloaded 2028549 times

Song with Most Love:
Jackie Chan's 成龙 [Chain of Life and Death 生死不离], downloaded (for free) 174691 times

Best Selling Single:
Liu Huan 刘欢 & Sarah Brightman's [Me and You 我和你], downloaded 11455314 times

Most Influential Olympics Theme Songs:
Xiao Ke & Lin Xiang's 小柯、林夕 [Bejing Welcomes You 北京欢迎你]
Huang Xiao Mao & Chris Babida's 黄小茂、鲍比达 [Ignite Passion 点燃激情]
Peter Kim & Chen Shaoqi's 金培达、陈少琪 [We Are Ready]
Chen Qigang's 陈其钢 [Me And You 我和你]
Lin Xiang's 林夕 [I Am A Star 我是明星]

Awards for the Singers Category:

Male Newcomer with Best Potential:
Jam Hsiao 萧敬腾, downloaded 1708498 times

Female Newcomer with Best Potential:
Joanna Wang 王若琳, downloaded 561784 times

Most Popular Cross-Border Singer:
Huang Xiaoming 黄晓明, downloaded 137001 times

Most Popular Male Singer:
Wilber Pan 潘玮柏, downloaded 684565 times

Most Popular Female Singer:
Jane Zhang 张靓颖, downloaded 548839 times

Most Popular Singing Group:
S.H.E, downloaded 290574 times

Singer with Most Downloads:
Wang Leehom 王力宏, downloaded 563181 times

Best Singer-Songwriter:
Jay Chou 周杰伦, downloaded 35719873 times

Best Selling Male Singer:
Jay Chou 周杰伦, downloaded 35719873 times

Best Selling Female Singer:
Jolin Tsai 蔡依林, downloaded 16163451 times

Best Selling Group:
S.H.E, downloaded 14000665 times

Outstanding Singers for Olympics Promotion:
Jackie Chan (成龙), Andy Lau (刘德华), Liu Huan (刘欢), Karen Mok (莫文蔚), Sun Nan (孙楠), Tan Jing (谭晶), Wang Feng (汪峰), Emil Chau (周华健), Jay Chou (周杰伦)

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