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Friday, December 19, 2008

Fahrenheit arrived in Singapore last night; 300 fans crazily chase

Fahrenheit arrived in Singapore last night; 300 fans crazily chase
Wu Chun felt unwell but still smiled towards fans
Source: zaobao
Translated by catalie @
Illegally entering the departure area, hired cars to chase, staying at their hotel, 300 fans welcome them enthusiastically at the airport! Last night Fahrenheit arrived in Singapore; Wu Chun felt unwell but still smiled towards fans while Jiro was ecstatic and was busytaking photos!

Yesterday "Popular idol group" Fahrenheit took flight SQ877 at night fall from Taipei to the Lion City [i.e. Singapore]. In the morning, at Changi Airport the area for awaiting arrivals no. 2 had been completely empty but as Fahrenheit's arrival in Singapore approached, more and more fans appeared there until 7:15 - the moment when Fahrenheit appeared in public, then there were about 300 fans there. The place was filled with continuous screaming but the fans welcoming them seemed to be less than before. A fan was interviewed and said, "They were meant to arrive on Thursday [today], but suddenly changed their schedule so many fans weren't aware."

Last month Fahrenheit "three less one", came to Singapore to promote their concert. At the time, because Jiro Wang's (Dadong) leg injury had not yet recovered, had to be absent at the event at the last minute. Last night, fangirls from Dadong's Singapore Forum "Dong Cheng Rise Again" rushed to the airport to get a good "Feng Shui position". With flowers and also large banners, they were very thoughtful and as soon as they saw Dadong, they could not cover up their excitement, screaming from all around!

It was evident that the four Fahrenheit boys were in a good mood; even though they were not dressed up [very formally], they allowed videos and photos. When they walked through the departure gate, Jiro was ecstatic, busily taking photos and talking with nearby "pretty girl" fans. Less than a month since the last time he was here, Arron Yan who has recently been filming seemed considerably skinnier. Yesterday he wore a black, sunglasses and boots - a very cool outfit causing many fans to sigh: so handsome! On the other hand, Wu Chun who is usually very enthusiastic, seemed particularly quiet and shy. "Chun is not feeling too well, headache. So his condition isn't too good, but the other three are feeling great."

Also, it was reported that in one breath, Fahrenheit fans over 10 taxis pursuing their idols all the way to the hotel. In particular, a few fans even checked-in at the hotel, in the hopes that they would be able to "interact all day" with the four guys!

Fahrenheit return to hotel and eat lots

Before the concert, they don't go on a special diet; once Fahrenheit returned to the hotel, the workers were busy buying food: chicken rice, laksa, pizza, etc.

Tomorrow night will be their first concert here in Singapore and it is reported that besides attending an exclusive event today, they will start rehearsing for the concert. Usually a singer will "forbid certain foods" and go on a particular diet before a concert, but Fahrenheit has come to the Lion City "fine food heaven" so obviously they can't resist the enticing fine food here. Very early in the morning they already ordered food: chicken rice, laksa, pizza, char kuey teow and so on!

Furthermore, when they arrived in Singapore yesterday, Wu Chun who is known for his love of food, received cake and snacks from many of his caring fans; ever since he cut his hair short, Calvin has been receiving caps the most and last night was no exception. As to Arron's fans, their gifts were all very creative and yesterday a fan gave him a pillowcase with his portrait on it!

10 fans entered the boarding area illegally

Since the lawsuit that took place when Jay Chou fans bought plane tickets to enter the boarding area but did not board the plane, yesterday again about 10 fans did the same thing in order to get closer to Fahrenheit.

More and more crazy actions of fans are emerging following last year when two fans in order to catch a glimpse of their idol Jay Chou's elegance, did not hesitate to challenge the law and purchased a one-way plane ticket to Kuala Lumpur so that they could enter the boarding area but not get on the plane, instead walking in to meet Jay. They were caught and arrested by airport police as well as immigration and customs officials, bringing a lawsuit against them for entering a protected area; in the end they were fines $1000.

Yesterday, again there were Fahrenheit "pretty girl" fans who did the same thing; it is reported that there were about 10 of them who bought plane tickets but did not register, just so that they could be in close proximity of Fahrenheit in the restricted area and give them gifts, etc. The promoter also said, "Fans are very well-mannered; when they see Fahrenheit they'll ask first: 'Can I shake your hand?'" On the way, fans managed to talk with the four guys. Some were holding "Dadong" banners, some were enthusiastically walking beside Fahrenheit and departing with them.

Under the laws of the conservation district, anyone who enters unauthorised, can be fined $1000 or face up to 2 years in prison, or both.

Tomorrow afternoon's poster exchange event; fans plan to line up very early

Tomorrow Fahrenheit's poster exchange event will begin at 3pm and fans plan to start lining up at 7am.

In order to reward Singaporean fans for their support, the music company will be holding an exchange event for limited Fahrenheit posters. As long as fans have their preorder receipts for Fahrenheit's new album "Loving More and More", and their Fahrenheit Fantasy Lion City concert entrance tickets, they will be able to exchange for a large limited edition poster. It is reported that the hosting company has not hesitated to print about 2000 posters.

Yesterday at the airport a fan expressed that even though the exchange event will start tomorrow at 3pm, Dadong's fans plan to get seats at 7am, "This is nothing! Last time that had an event at IMM, we lined up one week before!"

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