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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Aska Yang is setting off from the "stars", concert soldout and extra shows added

Aska Yang is setting off from the "stars", concert soldout and extra shows added
Source: UDN
Translated by catalie @

Aska Yang is finally holding another concert! Under the warm support from fans, Aska Yang will be holding a small-scale concert at Singapore's Ark Cafe (新加坡民歌餐廳). Due to the dispute with his management company in October, this is the first time it was announced that Aska would be performing overseas so fans from everywhere were considerably excited and hence news [about this concert] was leaked. The tickets were immediately soldout so the hosts immediately announced additional shows.

Holding this concert, the hosting company has admitted that they are a little worried that they will receive a letter of warning from Aska's agent. However, they still remain committed to bring Aska's good voice to everyone.

Furthermore,the host expressed that before holding these two concerts, they had already discussed the matters with Aska's lawyer. His lawyer expressed that there should not be any problems. For the fans, besides fully satisfying his audience, Aska will only be accepting a price of friendship for his singing. Previously he took part in a "business" performance where one hour cost $NT1,000,000 but this time, he is only accepting $1 million yuan for a two-hour performance.

During the concert, besides singing his new songs, Aska will perform "Cun Ai" from his album for the first time, and will also bring many songs by other singers including Jacky Cheung's "Forgot To Cry" (忘了哭), Lin Yi Lian's (林億蓮) "Shadow of a Lover" (影子情人), Chen Xiao Juan's (陳曉娟) "Admiration" (羨慕) as well as Andy Lau's "A Home To Return To" (歸宿), etc. adding up to 13 songs.

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