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Sunday, December 14, 2008

Xiao Zhong wipes off sweat dressed up as a bear; nearly getting a heat stroke Source: Liberty Times Translated by: indescribable @ http://asianfanatic

Ariel Lin falls ill, [Xiao Zhong] Joe Cheng substitutes [Wife] and dresses up as a bear for work! Wearing the teddy bear costume for the first time, the bear’s head was stuffy, the bear costume very thick, and during filming there was a high 30-something degree temperature; Xiao Zhong almost received a heat stroke; once the scene was finished his legs immediately gave out beneath him!

In CTV and GTV's idol drama [Love or Bread], Xiao Zhong dresses up as a bear. Standing at 185cm high, with long arms and long legs, when wearing the bear costume, the pants were not long enough, and he would even accidentally expose the bear's feet. Seeing him dressed as a bear, because it is just too cute, the crew members teased: "We have never seen such a slim, slender bear!" and even joking that he is a [role model in the bear world]. A group of people raised a commotion about wanting the [Bear] to do a fashion runway walk, provoking Xiao Zhong to say in an angry tone: "I already have not walked the runway for a long time!"

Although praised for being very cute dressed up as a bear, Xiao Zhong was in too much suffering and could not speak. On the day of filming, high temperatures made it blistering hot. Wearing the filming costume and putting on the bear head, from head to toe it was so stuffy that no air could circulate, Xiao Zhong immediately sweated and soaked his back, almost getting a heat stroke. Thousands of people have worn the costume, and with the inside a mixture of many people's sweat and body odour, he cried out frankly that he could not stand it: "Even if I don’t die of heat, I will die from the smell!" Sigh, "money is difficult to make"!

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