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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Jackie Chan: No matter who sings, he/she would still be awarded; Appreciates Jay Chou & Wang Leehom the most

Jackie Chan: No matter who sings, he/she would still be awarded; Appreciates Jay Chou & Wang Leehom the most
Source: Sina
Date: Sunday December 28, 2008
Translated by Initial E @
On the 28th, the '2008 Wireless Music Awards' was held in the Beijing Workers Stadium, with top singers from all parts of China attending it. Big Brother Jackie Chan's (成龙) presence was the highlight of the night. Backstage, he accepted interviews from the media.

Jackie expressed: "To tell you the truth, when I got the invitation to come, I was very surprised. This is the first time in 15 or 16 years that I've been to a music event. Right now my ringtone is 'Believe Yourself' (相信自己), before this I've used 'Legend' (神话) and 'Chain of Life and Death' (生死不离), all my songs (laughs). I am not a singer, many of the invitations I've received are all foreign, and I've never been to them. One of my more popular songs last time was 'Understand My Heart', but that was a long time ago." He humbly expressed that no matter who it was that sang 'Chain of Life and Death', it would still get recognition, because anyone would get touched by it during the time of the disaster.

Asked about his appointment as Vice-Chairman of the Film Society and his views on the future of movies, Jackie said: "I only got to know the news yesterday when I stepped off the airplane. I have very big confidence in China's movies. These few years, China's movies have been growing more than 30-40%. However, if we could alter the price for those in farms and second-rate cities, it would be even better as more people would be able to watch them. It will also be more suitable to release the DVD of the movie a few months after it premieres. But right now more and more people are visiting the cinemas, so there is a rather bright future ahead."

Who are the singers that Jackie appreciates the most? "The male singers I appreciate most are Wang Leehom (王力宏) and Jay Chou (周杰伦), and I really want to work together with them, because they have so much talent - they can play the piano so well, write songs, sing... all-rounded. They are the outstanding ones in the new generation of singers, hence I want to work with them. If I want to film a new movie, I would also want to work with the two of them."

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