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Monday, September 29, 2008

Fahrenheit celebrates concert success; Chun also injured

source: UDN
translated by:

Fahrenheit’s 2 concerts in Hong Kong have successfully come to an end, and although the outside world thinks that their “sincerity is greater than their singing”, the 4 worked extremely hard, and their spirit is to be commended. However, during the second concert, Chun hurt his back and Jiro’s knee injury got worse, to the extent where the minute he got offstage, he had to be given assistance to help him walk.

Jiro’s knee has had a cartilage injury for half a month, but he gritted his teeth and pulled through the 2 concerts. While onstage, he looked as lively as ever, and noone could see anything wrong with him. However, the minute he got offstage, his whole body became limp and needed someone’s shoulder to support him to walk. However, today, he still has a spokesperson event to attend, and tomorrow he has to fly to Mongolia. His management company is considering to arrange a wheelchair for him.

Chun also injured himself during the second concert. When the concert started he bounced out onstage, but his back accidentally hit the side of the stage, and it immediately swelled up. However, he still managed to pull through the concert, and during the celebration party afterwards, he spiked up his shirt, and indeed a bruise was visible on his back. He also said that he thought single-handedly holding onto the wire while the other hand performing samurai sword “really was very hard!” Also, due to the fans’ enthusiasm, all 4 members of Fahrenheit had numerous scratches on their arms, and even Jiro’s lips got cut.

Although Fahrenheit practiced very hard for the performances area, but their singing still needs work. During the start of the concert on the previous night, they sung a bit off-tune, and their rap part also needs work; indeed there is still room for improvement in their singing. Aaron said, “The most important thing is that we have improved.” Calvin very confidently said, “Our solo singing was OK, but when it came to group singing, because we didn’t have much time to practise together, it wasn’t very harmonized.”

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