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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

On the day of the typhoon he still goes on radio for interview, Jay Chou to film movies next year

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Source: CNA

Even though typhoon Jangmi is hitting Taiwan but artist Jay Chou isn't afraid of the rain and wind and still carries on his promotion schedule, he goes to Hit Fm radio; today Jay Chou accepted an interview on radio and he revealed that next year he will be doing a movie which he will write, direct and star in, Jay Chou hopes to have a chance to work with Brigitte Lin who he admires a lot.

Jay Chou said, he hopes to firstly use the media to send a message to Brigitte Lin, then he'll see Brigitte Lin's reaction, and after that he'll make an official invitation.
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Jay Chou really admires Brigitte Lin and Maggie Cheung, he hopes he can work with these two big stars in the future, especially Brigitte Lin who once openly expressed she watched "Secret" twice, Jay Chou expressed that if he could work with Brigitte Lin it will be "too diao".

Jay Chou said that he met Brigitte Lin from Andrew Lau when they were at the Hong Kong airport, they took a picture together at the airport, it's still his wallpaper on his computer.

Besides promoting his new album at the end of the year, Jay Chou is actually already filming, with just a mention of this movie, he was very tight lipped, he wouldn't reveal a single thing. Instead when he talked about the filming plans of next year, he expressed that at the start of the year he will be filming the sequel to "Kung Fu Dunk".

As to the end of next year, Jay Chou will be putting his heart into creating a new movie, the contents of this movie will be completely different to that of the box office success "Secret", but he was not willing to reveal any details.

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