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Saturday, June 28, 2008

Show Lo Becomes A White Guardian Angel For The Blind

Show Lo is the acclaimed "iron man" of the entertainment industry. Just his careers in singing, filming, and hosting have him busy until next February, his work schedule is packed. A while back, he had gotten a high fever and needed to get IV drips due to over-exhaustion. But under the cordial invitation by the Foundation of the Blind, Show, without hesitation, squeezed in some time to be the annual spokesperson for Foundation of the Blind. Unthinkably, they finally penciled in a day for filming, but they were met with a capricious "Wind God" where a typhoon rolled in. At first they were worried that this would then delay their progress, and that Show wouldn't be able to find any more time to do this, but to fight for a speaking ground for the blind, Show insisted to continue working in the wind and rain, they had to finish this mission. Following Andy Lau and Richie Ren, the foundation for the blind invited the healthy, energetic, king of popularity Show Lo to be their annual spokesperson. Besides filming 2 commercials for the Foundation, Show used his creativity and artful talents to personally made a design for the Foundation's charity donations items, putting his love and care for the blind into action ; for 50,000 vision-disabled friends in Taiwan, contributing his love and care.

Show's caring heart is second to no one, he was once filming GTV's "Hot Shot" at Chang Bing Show Chwan Hospital, and learned of a fan that had gotten into a car accident and was admitted into that hospital. He immediate asked his staff to ask for a visit. After Sichuan's big earthquake, he also donated $1 million RMB ($4.4 million NTD) with other fellow artists. Recently he's busy releasing his album, and promoting for his new drama, but still found time to film a charity commercial for the Foundation for the Blind.

In the charity commercial, Show became the guardian angel for the blind, wearing a charming white suit, symbolic of a white cane, always accompanying the blind. helping them walk about freely on their own. For his first encounter with these vision-disabled people, Show had done some studying on his own. He not only took some time to learn about the “Ask, touch, guide, answer” basics of knowledge for the blind at the foundation, but also personally experienced holding a white cane and how inconvenient it was. Show expressed, “Closing your eyes, and not relying on your vision at all. Don’t even mention dancing, even taken a step forward is a little scary, especially when the roads in Taiwan in more complicated. Besides relying on the white cane, vision-disabled friends also need yours and my extended helping hand.”

In the 2008 annual charity commercial, Show is guarding 3 vision-disabled friends, who have all had training in direction-finding, so they could regularly go out, take the bus, go to and from work with a white cane. But even though they’ve had the training, there are still some complications more or less. The commercial director wanted to convey the most realistic life of a blind person, so he especially had the production observe how they move around, and figured that when they didn’t have a white cane with them, it was really too dangerous! For example, there are always construction pits on the roads, and if a blind person doesn’t use a white cane, they could very well fall and hurt themselves. Uneven steps and stairs, bridges, tunnels, and even motorcycles that weave through little alley ways could become a life-threatening obstacle for the blind!

Going this memorable interaction with some vision-disabled friends, Show not only lent his helping hand to the blind, but also hopes that every one be able to become a guardian angel for the blind. When you’re walking on the street, so long as you see someone with a white cane, please don’t hesitate to lend out a helping hand. Only with the help of everyone will these people be able to come out of the darkness, and live an obstacle-free life. The Foundation for the Blind transfer account : 15935356, or call for donations (02) 2361-6663.

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