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Saturday, June 28, 2008

Four beauties fighting it out at the Golden Melody Awards, Patty Hou cheers on Jay Chou

On the 27th of June Da S, Xiao S, Patty Hou and Tao Zi decided on their dresses for the "Golden Melody Awards" in Taiwan, the four have started a war in beautiful clothes, Xiao S has declared she will be the most beautiful one. Da S exposed that on the day of the awards ceremony you will see Jay Chou's two old loves Jolin Tsai and Patty Hou on the same stage.

Jay Chou, whose nominated for 8 awards, has said he will be holding a concert in Mainland China on the day so he can't attend. But, Da S said: "He actually will be attending, and he will have some interaction with Jolin Tsai and Patty Hou, how this will appear, I can't say now." Xiao S smiled saying: "When we first thought of this plot, Patty Hou was very helpless but it was us 3 against her, all she could do was accept it." When Patty Hou was asked if hoped Jay Chou would win an award? Xiao S deliberately told her to cheer on Jay Chou, Patty Hou could only awkwardly turn to the camera and say: "Come on!"

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