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Thursday, June 26, 2008

Jay Chou helps tourism in Tamshui, 3.6 billion each year

Jay Chou has masses of fans, there are already Chinese fans who are planning to visit the location of the movie "Secret" after flying to Taiwan, they also want to make a "pilgrimage" to the shop Jay Chou has invested in; travel agents have seen this cookie and are releasing the "Jay Journey" set travel route, they expect it will bring in at least 3.6 billion to Taiwan in 1 year.

Tamshui middle school was chosen as the place to film Jay Chou's movie "Secret", the scenery at the school and the beautiful backdrop of the little city of Tamshui left loyal fans with a deep impression; the dumplings he likes to eat on the Tamshui streets, it is a store he has opened in Taipei, travel agents think they can package it like the set travel routes for Korean dramas "Autumn's Tale" or "Winter Sonata".

Seeing the astonishing consumerism of the young fans from China, SkyTravel have been secretly preparing the "Jay Journey", according to reporters, the two big travel agencies in Taiwan, Lion Travel and SetTour are in the middle of planning.

The manager of SkyTravel Ye Jun De gave the analysis "There are 15000 seats available on the direct flights every month, as long as 1/10 are Jay Chou fans, with the travel route package of 20,000 yuan for 7 days, every month it will bring in at least 30 million" He expressed that as long as the other people confirm the number of people, the "Jay Journey" can begin as soon as the end of July.

A lot of fans from abroad leave messages at JVR Music's website, they hope to go to JVR Music to see where Jay makes his music; there are also fans who have heard about Jay's restaurant "Mr J. Store 2", the waiters wear the uniforms in the movie, they want to see them. JVR Music expressed "The company is a busy business, it's not suitable for visits at any times, but we don't rule out opening up to a set quota", as for the event "Become Good Friends" being held on the official website, they will be allow the top 3 groups with the most people (about 200) to visit the company, by then fans will be able to take a peek at the "secret" of Jay Chou's music recording.

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