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Sunday, June 29, 2008

[Rumour] Tony & Carina getting married on 21st July in Bali

After 20 years marathon courtship, Tony Leung and Carina Lau decided to get hitched. They want to create another page in their lives. There is rumour that the wedding will be in October and it will be held in Hong Kong. But another rumour from Taiwan says they have planned the wedding day on 21st July in Bali, under the blue sky and white cloud, hoping to get blessings from relatives and friends.

Different wedding rumours

Since the announcement of Tony and Carina's wedding plan, the exact date of the wedding has been the subject of the reporters. Some suggested 42 year old Carina wants to have a baby. Some claimed the venue of the wedding has been booked for October at Four Season Hotel. Others said the wedding is planned in July after the filming of "Red Cliff". They even said invitation cards have been sent for a July wedding, they claimed Carina had confirmed that.

Yesterday the news from Taiwan stated that the couple is getting married in Bali on 21st July. They have booked the entire hotel and are inviting all their relatives and friends.

Entired Hotel booked for the wedding

Carina had said before she and Tony have been through a lot and they are both very mature about their relationship. Now is the time for their lives to enter into another phase. It was thought that Carina had planned the wedding since January. But the date of the wedding was only decided not long ago. Since they have made the decision, they wanted their relatives and friends to have a good time, not to be disturbed unnecessarily. They have booked the entire hotel, even providing return air tickets for the relatives and friends to celebrate their wedding.

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