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Monday, July 14, 2008

David Tao: Jay Chou and I are different

Yesterday, David Tao the well known musician and the "godfather of R&B"appeared at Shenyang. For this journey he's not only being a judge to discover new singing talent but he also revealed his latest news.
David Tao expressed that he's still putting music at the centre of his work, apart from holding a concert in Mainland China, he'll be releasing a new album at the end of the year.

But, like Jay Chou, David Tao has a movie dream. He came into contact with movies when he was at university, he studied Psychology and treatment with films, so filming a movie has always been his dream. David Tao expressed, starting next year, he'll be moving the focus of his work, he'll be concentrating on cultivating his own movie domain. Due to the fact they are both good at R&B and Chinese style music, and now they both like movies, David Tao and Jay Chou are always compared. But, David Tao expressed, he and Jay Chou are different. "Me and Jay Chou, including Leehom Wang are musicians with different styles, even though we have competitions in the same market, but this kind of competition is good and it's normal."

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