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Thursday, July 3, 2008

Joe Cheng: So used to kissing Ariel Lin

Taiwanese Idol Series [It Started With A Kiss]’s sequel [They Kiss Again] is going to be aired in Singapore. The main cast Zheng Yuan Chang and Lin Yi Chen have filmed about 40 kissing scenes. When talking about Zheng Yuan Chang’s “Kissing Experience”, he revealed that he was very nervous about his first kiss during his high school days; the most romantic experience will be kissing among the crowd during New Year’s Eve countdown. About kissing Lin Yi Chen, Zheng Yuan Chang smiled and said: “Already used to it.”

Earlier on when filming [It Started With A Kiss], Zheng Yuan Chang and Lin Yin Chang have already used a lot of time during the kissing scenes to develop their trust. Their tacit understanding with each other is very good. On the first day of filming [They Kiss Again], the feelings immediately returned: [Like meeting back some long lost relatives.]

The last kiss in the last episode had left a deep impression in Xiao Zhong’s (Zheng Yuan Chang) mind: “That scene was when Zhi Shu (Zheng Yuan Chang) finally released his feelings, crying and hugging while kissing Xiang Qin (Lin Yi Chen). Afterward when re-watching the scene again, we realized that dramatic tension was actually very powerful.] Having the best tacit understand and under the condition of without having any rehearsal scene from the director, both of them finished this scene by just one take.

While filming intimate scenes, amusing and embarrassed
In the sequel, Zheng Yuan Chang and Lin Yi Chen’s scenes were not just about kissing; there are even some steamy intimate scenes.
The intimate scene that was filmed in Guam, even though the image was touching but actually it was not romantic at all. “The whole room only has director and us. In order to have beautiful images, now and then the director will be shouting at the side: “A bit to the left…… brushed the hair a bit……” plus it was very early in the morning and both of them just woke up, the situation was a bit amusing.
Not until they were watching it back home were they truly felt embarrassed about it.

The first kiss during his high school days was the most nervous of all
He was very familiar with his kissing skills in the series [They Kiss Again], when Xiao Zhong think back about his own first kiss, it was during the field trip when he was still in high school: [That time (I) was very nervous, I kept staring at her (girlfriend) and don’t know when to kiss. After the kiss, it was very awkward and we pretend nothing has happen.]
For his most romantic kiss of all, was also happened during his school days in one of the New Year’s Eve countdown, [That time a group of people were doing the countdown along the street, very excited. My girlfriend and I just started to kiss on the street, now when think about it, it was very romantic!]

Xiao Zhong may likes to joke around and having a lot of friends in the entertainment industry but actually he also share some similarity with Zhi Shu, the male lead of the series --- keeping quiet! He said: [I didn’t dare to say who I like and also will not directly express my own feelings.]

Using txt messages to pursue girl and to confess love will get 100% successful rate
Then normally how Xiao Zhong would pursue girls? [First of all I will spend some time with her, and then will get the chance to tell her by writing letters, sending txt messages.] He feels that the power of words is much stronger, able to allow the opposition to have more space to imagine.

This technique of [Pursuing girls] is actually not bad, “Only used it on 2 girls, and the successful rate is 100%!]

Praising Ethan Ruan’s “responsibility” about swimming in nude
His best friend Ethan Ruan was swimming in nude on the previous day because the rating of his idol series [Fated To Love You] breaks 10. Xiao Zhong was impressed by his responsibility, but he wouldn’t swim in nude because of the rating.
Xiao Zhong said: [Even if this is just saying it as a joke, still I am very impressed; he was brave enough to take responsibility on the things that he had said.]

During that day, Ethan Ruan only took off his swimming trunks while he was in the water, making the medias “disappointed and empty handed”, Xiao Zhong was not surprised: [It was the media who broadly reporting about the joke, basically everyone should calm down when dealing with this kind of situation.]

Then how will he repay the fans if his own idol series received a good rating?
[Having fans meeting, having interaction with the fans is already very good! After all, rating is the recognition given to us by the fans.]


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ISWAK Part3??!!!

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yup! so true...

parul said...

Many things which u said i didnt noticed in Kiss series???R they Cut scenes

Anonymous said...

i want everybody to know that i love iswak 1 and 2....beacuse it leaves a big impact on my life and the two main character they are the best..they are a good matchfor this tv drama...i admire them both so much because thier acting is powerful...and the kisses its like real life husband and wife kissing ang embracing each other...i love them both!

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Arjoe action speaks louder than words ! ;))
I think you guys are together .