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Monday, July 7, 2008

Joe Cheng is not Jiang Zhi Shu

In 2005 [It Started With A Kiss] has allows Zheng Yuan Chang to has a secure seat among the Taiwan’s Idol Series leading male roles. Because the series has received high praises from places all around, Zheng Yuan Chang’s name has being known by the fans from places like China, Japan, Korea, Indonesia and so on.

The success of [It Started With A Kiss] has to thank to the characters as well, Zheng Yuan Chang’s as the perfect “Jiang Zhi Shu”, has successfully redeem the real-live sorrow for all the females. But Zheng Yuan Chang is still Zheng Yuan Chang, he may not be as perfect as Jiang Zhi Shu but he is more real comparing to Jiang Zhi Shu and easier to talk with.

Followed the girl home
Since [It Started With A Kiss] was aired, “Jiang Zhi Shu” has become the ambassador of ideal lover in every female’s dreams; starting from 30 years and above to 13 years old; and they will uncontrollably imagining themselves as Lin Yi Chen’s “Yuan Xiang Qin”. Of course, this is only a series, having to play a character that is popular and smart but in reality when his love just started to blooms, he also did some silly things too; when thinking back about it, they are still really sweet.

“About 11 or 12 years old, I think! Once I followed a girl, who I had a crush, home. When the school has just ended, I will pretend to walk home with some friends, walking while chatting. By the time we arrived at her door, we will walk very slow, just like that! She didn’t notice me, after she goes into her house then I won’t be able to see anything at all!”

Plain can be crazy too
[It Started With A Kiss]’s “Yuan Xiang Qin”, because she can’t wait to share the lovely video between her and “Jiang Zhi Shu, she even requests the air hostess to change video, she wants to let all the passenger to “witness” their love, with this type of craziness behavior, it is almost same as hijacking the plane; but to Zheng Yuan Chang, his life is just plain and normal, by one simple gesture, will be enough to go crazy with it.

“Life is very plain; if it is just a slightly difference then it is enough to make people going crazy with it! I think that changing your daily habits because of someone, like changing your eating habits, your sleeping hours or even becoming sleepless because of the opposition; all these are already very crazy and of course I’ve done all of those things already!”

Didn’t dare to confess his love
Jiang Zhi Shu, a genius student, IQ200, wealthy family, handsome but living a life without having happy, angry, sad, joy and other feelings. Zheng Yuan Chang, Taiwanese’s popular male artist, body of a model, living his life in filming, promoting, filming…… Zheng Yuan Chang has make Jiang Zhi Shu alive but Zheng Yuan Chang is definitely not Jiang Zhi Shu.

“I am very different from Jiang Zhi Shu! Jiang Zhi Shu is a person who is cold on the outside and hot on the inside. I am the total opposite of him; I am hot on the outside and cold on the inside. The way we handle our communication skills are very different. Zhi Shu will speak one sentence, making the atmosphere to become very tense and left without leaving another word. He doesn’t care because he knows everything! I’m not; I don’t know about anything, my sense of knowing is very strong, so it is totally different from Zhi Shu’s coldness. If I want to point it out, then that will be the way he handles his feelings. We don’t really dare to express our feeling to the people we like, ah ah! Other than that, both of our personalities are a total opposite of each other.”

Developing feelings throughout the time
There’s an old saying about finding a wife who is virtuous, this phrase seems to apply unchanged for thousand of years. When asked Zheng Yuan Chang about whether he will marry a silly girl like Xiang Qin in real life? He said yes! But, she must at least have some good points.

“Actually in my real life, it will be hard to have the opportunity to meet someone like Xiang Qin. Very rare to come upon someone who don’t know how to cook a meal, ah ah! She has a lot of good points, if it will be like the series, a chance to live together, allows me to find out her good points slowly, I might fall in love with her, I believe in developing feelings throughout the time. Because Xiang Qin’s weakness is more noticeable than her good points, like she lost her way all the time! Forever unable to prepare a good meal! Forever having egg shells in her fried eggs! Her IQ is low, but her good point will be she is very persistent. Under this situation it will need time in order to develop feelings for her.

For sure Zhi Shu’s love for Xiang Qin is full of tolerance, the way Zhi Shu expressed his love for her will be finished eating the lunchbox that she has made for him. This is the inner self of him that nobody will be able to see.”

Imagining together forever
Idol series has actually fulfilled all the dreams that nobody could archived in real life. It has greatly fulfilled all the desire fantasy of the females’ hearts. So idol series must have a happy ending, it doesn’t allow to have any small disappointment. Jiang Zhi Shu and Yuan Xiang Qin was already a pair made in heaven since from the start, the series ends with “together forever”, “living happily ever after” these type of old fashion phrases but for sure they could be reused forever. But, the intellectual Zheng Yuan Chang said, together forever is not something that is inevitable.

“Together forever…… needs 2 people to work together, especially after getting married, if a problem appears, it must be solved by the 2 of them together. Actually together forever is a target that is very high to reach and totally full of fantasy. It will depend how the 2 of them will work hard to reach that goal. If today 1 person decided to stop moving forward or the progress of 1 person is not in pace with the other, then that road will be very difficult to move on. Together forever will need 2 people to support each other, holding hands and walked until the end.”

After the interview, taking the presents from the fans
While interviewing Zheng Yuan Chang, from the original 20minutes turning into 15minutes plus the “group interview” with Danson Tang, the average time for each of them will be 7minutes to answer my questions, having the duration like this, it was not even enough for people to do warm-up exercises. Maybe they have too much promotion events previously or maybe the appointment time was set too early, when Zheng Yuan Chang doesn’t have to answer questions, his eyes will be vacant, and tends to use his hands to support his chin, having his own thoughts. But when it was his turn to answer the question, he was able to give out a proper answer; this gesture is very similar to the cold Jiang Zhi Shu who knows everything.

Right when I stepped out from the hotel, I happen to come across the crewmember that were holding cupboard boxes in their hands, they laughed and said, these cupboard boxes will be used by the 2 idols to store their presents given by the fans, so that they could bring back to Taiwan. So right here, we could give out “don’t worry” news to the fans, all of your presents will follow them back to Taiwan or maybe placed in their home already.

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