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Monday, July 7, 2008

"HOT SHOT" Breaks Ten, Show Lo Will Swim In The Nude For Female Reporter To See

Yesterday, for his concert's Cruel Stage documentary LIVE DVD, Show Lo held his sole pre-order performance autograph session. With voting from his fans, Show won the poll, and at the autograph session, he was announced to have championed that poll. Seeing that accomplishment, the usually mischievous Show, had put that side away, and very earnestly thanked his fans and for their support, it's because of everyone's support that allows him to have his accomplishments of today. Since entering showbiz at 17, Show's entertainment career has suffered many undulations. Show, who had endured a trough of his career, was insecure of his future, not believing in his popular will be forever, thus, when it comes to his accomplishments and fans' support he will be extra cherishing of them.

The autograph session was held over the weekend at Shimen Ting. Under the scorching sun with temperatures in the 30s(ÂșC), Show was sweating profusely, but the very thoughtful Show always thinks about his fans, while he was singing and performing, he was wondering if his fans below were able to withstand such hot weather. Seeing how so many of his fans came to support him, even in the blistering sun, Show expressed that it was heart-wrenching.

At the autograph session, fellow artist Elva Hsiao, who had just released an album, was invited. Elva Hsiao also brought a little blessing gift, peach blossom tree, besides wishing for Show's concert DVD to have a great sell, but also hoping for Showto find some love in his busy schedule. The Dance King and Dance Queen meet, but they didn't dance together today, but they chose to give everyone some summer sweetness and sang "Bai Gei Ni [Defeated By You] - Defeat in Love." Having not sung it in a while, Elva couldn't help be peek at the lyric prompter on stage. After hearing that Elva peeked, Show very proudly said, "I didn't look at all!" When the mischievous Show saw Elva, he thought of all different ways to tease her, first holding her hand on stage and saying how comfortable it was, and then when taking pictures, he'd pose to kiss her, making her hide until there was no where to go.

The idol drama "Hot Shot" that Show Lo, Jerry Yan, Chun Wu are starring hadn't aired yet, but the news and commotion hadn't ever stopped. Firstly, rumoring that due to the uneven role emphasis of each so they weren't seeing eye to eye, then another saying how Jerry Yan was being arrogant and not compromising with drama promotions. Due to the constant news about Hot Shot, one of the leads, Show Lo thanked everyone for having focused so much on this drama. As for the promotions, he will be doing all he can with full force to compromise with the promoting. After saying this, it also implied that he doesn't agree with Jerry Yan's position of not compromising with promotions due to scheduling and what not.

In the entertainment industry, everyone wishes for their newly broadcast dramas get high TV ratings. One of the female reporters kept pressing questions asking if Show would be like Ethan, swimming in the nude [skinny dipping] for everyone to see, if his TV ratings broke 10? Show was pressured, so for the question he answered, "Okay, If the TV ratings break 10, I will swim in the nude just for you to see!" check-mating the female reporter, making everyone laugh.

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