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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Da S watching K1 show with Vanness; Reconciliation with Zai Zai question

Da S yesterday sat next to Vanness watching K1 world show together Both with white T-shirt and jean, the two seems like a couple. As the show ended, Da S asked Vanness to hold the camera and take photo of her with the wrestler.

Asked if the two could be a couple, Da S denied and said : "Not possible...we have known each other since MG and are good friends."

Vanness also said “Impossible ! There are lots of good friends watching the show.”

However, the reporter asked Da S about the recent rumor of “Da Zai” reconciliation, Da S only said : " Will talk about it later,,,not now” .
Asked if her answer implied that the reconciliation with her former boyfriend Zai Zai is in process. Da S openly said “ You can”

The possibility of reconciliation has greatly increased.

Yesterday Zai Zai was filming B&W. His representative Zi said : "From the very beginning, never say never. But Zai Zai is filming B&W intensely and probably has no time thinking about love matters”

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