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Thursday, July 17, 2008

Nan Quan Mama releasing new album, they put on old age makeup, Jay Chou says they're cool

Even though they've failed to win the Golden Melody Award's Best Group after being nominated three times in a row, their plans to release a new album have not been affected, in their upcoming new songs plus best selections album, the four of them are putting on old age makeup, they've become "Nan Quan Grandma", the excellent effect made Jay Chou, who trained them up, say "Cool"!

The first plugged song "Goodbye Childhood" for "Nan Quan Mama" echoes the main plugged song from their first album "Childhood", despite their record contract coming to an end, they still haven't revealed their future direction, but with this new songs plus best selections album they are announcing a stage of their musical path.

Jay Chou has written for "Nan Quan Mama", but unlike other artists who put Jay Chou's song as the main plugged song, "Nan Quan Mama" are still persisting with choosing their own written song to be the main plugged song.

For this album "Nan Quan Mama" put on old age makeup, their makeup was so detailed that they even had the effect of wrinkles, the funny thing was that Lara and Yuhao's eyes were too big, they had to put on some tape to make their eyes smaller, Dantou put on reading glasses and called himself "Grandpa Xing", Zhang Jie's old age makeup was the best looking one, everyone said "when he gets old he can join the setup at Taiwanese eight o'clock".

To the old age makeup of "Nan Quan Mama", after seeing them Jay Chou said "Cool! When Dantou gets old this look will suit him, the look of Lara's eyes when she's gotten old is very cool!"

"Nan Quan Mama" imagined after getting old, besides continuing playing music, what other dreams do they have? Among them Dantou's answer was the most silly, because he said: "After I get old, I'll take good care of Jay Chou".

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