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Sunday, July 6, 2008

Ariel Lin, Joe Cheng and Figaro Zheng talks about love

In a successful drama, idol + love triangle will forever = killer equation. (Translated literally, I think they mean the drama will always have killer ratings) Taiwanese idol drama They Kissed Again follows this equation hence the ratings were super high. But if this equation was used in the actor/actress’ real lives then that would cause a lot of trouble because of all the reporters out there. So what is Joe Cheng, Ariel Lin and Figaro Zheng’s love equation really like?

Ariel: I would pursue bravely for love because if you don’t do some things you might regret it later on. I remember when I was in high school I told a boy I liked him but we didn’t go out straight away because we made a deal, we’d officially date when we’re at university. Unfortunately we weren’t together for long and broke up. Maybe it’s because our lives and backgrounds were different to the high schooling times.

Figaro: I feel the same as Ariel, I’ll initiate when it comes to love. It’s like my character in the drama, if I see someone I like, even if she’s already taken or even married, I will strive for what I want unless they have a really good relationship. This is my opinion on the world of love.

A lot of pressure when revealing relationships
Joe: Even though I have a lot of different girls around me and a lot of them are my ideal partner because they are all outstanding but unfortunately most of them have boyfriends and I don’t want to be the third party. Right until now, I have not initiated yet and taken the first move. My love life is very relaxed, I sit there calmly and watch. But I’m actually waiting for the right time, once I know the one I like has broken up with their partner, I’ll take this chance to take action. I have not experienced love at first sight yet, I’m very greedy, my conditions consist of beauty as well as a good personality. When a girl confesses to me and I don’t like her I will sometimes be thinking “You’re so ugly, how can I go out with you” but I will only say to her “We’re not suitable for each other” to reject her, I’ll try my best to make them not feel bad. If I’m in a relationship I will definitely not reveal it, too much pressure, unless someone finds out, then I’ll openly admit. I will also admit if we plan to get married.

Figaro: I don’t mind being the third party, I because I enjoy the process of falling in love more than the result. Sometimes I really like the feeling of difficult love (淒美), I want to try it because I’ve never experienced it before, I’m always curious about it.

Not a normal relationship
Figaro: In the drama my character is a third party. At first I was worried my fans wouldn’t accept it. In the end I’ve thought it through, every drama has its main leads and supporting characters, can’t worry about how much I will get.

Ariel: The difference between They Kissed Again and the first part is that Xiang Qin and Zhi Shu get married. They are no longer in a typical relationship but XQ’s weak and easygoing personality is still present. In real life, my personality is not weak like XQ’s, it is actually like ZS’s a bit more, sentimental and not use to sharing their problems with others. But XQ and I do have similarities, we are both stubborn, once something is decided we won’t change our minds easily.

Joe: I also think Ariel is a very cool person, you could say she’s the female version of ZS, so when I was acting as ZS I would look at Ariel’s personality and act from that.

Figaro: No way! Ariel is very cute and attractive. When we were acting in the drama I was worried I would fall for her because we were always together. There was a moment where I really did feel like I fell in love with XQ but I understand we are only working together and she is also my female elder (師姐).

Heart was beating rapidly during bed scene
Joe: There was a bed scene in the drama where Ariel and I had to kiss from the balcony all the way to the bed. When we were filming that scene the director had to clear the room to avoid awkwardness, the only ones that were left were the director, cameraman and us two. It was very quiet at the time to a point where we could only hear our breathing. The director was always directing us so this bed scene did not feel romantic at all. Looking back at it does make my heart feel like its beating very fast though.

First kiss at 18
Ariel: Xiao Zong (Joe) is very caring, very willing to make girls happy and thinks of others. He is an expert kisser, plus he has big hands so he gives me a secure feeling. Kissing represents trust, it is very important to a girl. My first kiss was when I was 18, at the time I’ve been going out with a boy for a while, we were both well mannered, until I received a job where I had to do a kissing scene. At the time I hinted to my boyfriend that I wanted to give my first kiss to him and I wanted to experience the feeling of kissing. I felt very numb at that moment, it was like I got an electric shock.


Anonymous said...

Jeez! Never knew Joe was that mean and superficial. I wish I hadn't read this. It makes me see him in a different way.

th said...

Joe, why do you have to care about the girl's look. Even she's not pretty but at least she has good heart and good personality then that's all. To be honest, i really want to see you and Ariel together. Don't get me wrong!!! Because i think you both are suitable for each other.

Anonymous said...

I am looking at this article years after it was posted; however, coming at it from a person who has been married for 25 years this year, yes, looks are important and great initially but when the rubber meets the road, it's more important to be friends and bear each other's flaws patiently and cut each other some slack. I do agree with the figaro ceng character in this show that Zi Shu doesn't appreciate his wife enough, but I am an American so perhaps my cultural outlook is different. I just don't think his almost unemotional Aspergian attitude towards his wife, regardless of any personal realities of her intellectual capacity (or lack of it) would be conducive to a good lasting marital relationship.