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Sunday, August 31, 2008

Ah Sa comments on the 3 heavenly kings in Taiwan, she praises Wu Chun as the most handsome one

In the afternoon today, Ah Sa Charlene Choi attended the press conference of the theme song MV for "Butterfly Lovers" which she sung in Guangzhou. When she was being interviewed by the media she commented on the 3 heavenly kings of Taiwan which she has worked with, Jay Chou, Wu Chun, Alan Luo. In fact all 3 guys have a different charm to them for her, she smiled saying: "All three of them are very nice, if I had to choose one for a boyfriend I really wouldn't know which one to pick......lets have all three then haha."

After working with Jay Chou in the movie "Kung Fu Dunk", Ah Sa says she's was dazzled by Jay Chou's intellect. She says: "He's a very intelligent person, not only this but the most amazing thing about him is that he's good at everything, he's got talent in music, he films great movies, plus he's got a good business brain. He's got so much talent but at the same time he's very good at looking after people", when she got to this point, she grinned and said: "On this side of things he's really like a big brother, when we're filming he often invites us to lunch and he'll pay the bill as well."

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