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Friday, August 29, 2008

Jimm Lin autographed concert tickets in Shanghai

Jimmy Lin's Can't Stop Me 2008 Shanghai concert will be held on Oct 17 at the Hunghao Soccer Stadium. The producer held a ticket autograph signing today (8/28) in shanghai to thank the fans who bought tickets and let them get close to jimmy.

The event was scheduled for 18:30 but there were already a large crowd at 17:00. We can see how popular jimmy is. He couldn't withhold the high spirit of the fans. The organizer requested that fans not take closeup pics of jimmy but fans took out their cameras and took pics of him anyway. They took out other souvenirs for him to sign. Reporter asked him how much his net worth is since he is an artist, racer, and businessman. Jimmy said it is only extragerated reports by the media. His net worth is not as outrageously high.

The event lasted for an hr and a half. Jimmy left after saying goodbye to the fans.

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