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Friday, August 29, 2008

Xiao S guested in 'Wu Lin Da Dao', teased Da S and Hei Ren as "Ex-Lovers"

Xiao S guested in Wu Lin Da Dao, teased Da S and Hei Ren as "Ex-Lovers"

Xiao S guested in "Wu Lin Da Dao" on the 28th, teased her sister and Hei Ren as "ex-lovers" and said "Kiss, Kiss". Hei Ren felt awkward upon hearing this, Da S said "Who does not have a past? Don't tell me you also want me to exposed your past?" therefore guaranteed Hei ren and girlfriend Fan Fan's relationship won't be in trouble.

Xiao S said "I have seen a lot of competition programs, but I think Wu Lin Da Dao has the best quality". Whether can soon go against Wu Zong Xian Sunday program, Heiren said "In my heart Xian Ge is still the funniest no matter if the ratings has already surpassed"

Hei Ren documentary film did well in the box office, he said "We are entering this film to the Golden Horse Award!'“

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