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Saturday, August 30, 2008

Ah Sa: When filming the movie, I really fell in love with Wu Zun

Ah Sa: When filming the movie, I really fell in love with Wu Zun.

Ah Sa and Taiwan idol, Wu Zun acts the leading role in the romantic movie . The movie is set to screen soon in October, yesterday Ah Sa came to Guangzhou for the first showing of the MV, the theme song is called sung by Ah Sa. Beforehand, Wu Zun have specially recorded a video supporting Ah Sa. The entire MV was broadcast, but during the interview, the movie company has reminded Ah Sa not to revealed too much about the movie to the reporters. However, when asking if Ah Sa is satified with the film, Ah Sa mention that the photography was amazing.

[Movie] Hu Ge don't give up

In the movie, 狄龙 acted as Ah Sa's father and Hu Ge acted as Ah Sa's childhood friend. There was a scene, where Hu Ge distinguish himself as someone else and hitted Ah Sa's ear. But Hu Ge is not cruel enough to harm Ah Sa. Ah Sa mention, "He is not a dishonest person but it is because he have too much unreasonable passion. In the movie, I weren't willing to marry him, I love Wu Zun, I hurted him therefore he hitted my ear and the area around it. Before filming that scene, he said that he won't really hit me, I said that he could since we don't have a relations, but he couldn't do it. Although, 狄龙 palm seems to hit very hard and ruthless, but when he hit me on the face it was not painful at all."

[Kissing Scene] Felt there weren't enough time.

Because the movie is in ancient theme, Ah Sa and Wu Zun in the movie, although is a pair of lover, but actually don't have much kissing scene, only scene where they are about to kiss. "We were very devoted when filming, but because sometime it was too hot, it effected our progress, therefore we have a lot of catching up to do. I can't not believe it that it's actually done already. It was a pity because it is very rare to get to kiss a dashing guy." Ah Sa revealed that while filming, she actually fell in love with Wu Zun. Although the kiss scene was too quick, but for some people, they don't even get a chance to kiss because the director would use a camera trick. Ah Sa mention that during one of the kissing scene, they [WUSA] both were closing their eyes, "I felt Wu Zun coming closer and closer to me, finally my nose even bump into his nose, but the director didn't yell stop/cut. When I finally open my eyes, I realizes that Wu Zun had already opened his eyes, we started laughing and the crew did too."

[Crying Scene] Didn't have to use any stunt

The clip in the MV showed that Ah Sa die and was laying down at the mouring hall, while Hu Ge and Wu Zun fight eachother on the side. Ah Sa mention when she close her eye, her tear actually fell down from her eye. "The movie has difficult scene but is really good. It is because when human cries there would alway be expression but this time I can't use expression. At first the director said that they would later use a stunt to make the scene looks more real but I wanted to try it. Before filming that scene, I have already started crying, because the thought of two humans falling in love but can't be together is really sad, as soon as the director started to film, I close my eye and the tears started to flow. The director was happy that we didn't use any stunt. Although in the movie, Ah Sa chooses death but in reality she expressed that she wouldn't die because she treasure her life very much.

Talking about the MV

Many scene of the movie has already made public, but majority of the scene is actually fighting scene. However this time the theme song was put in the MV and the company has specially selected some romantic, happy, and even heartbreaking scene for the MV. In the beginning it show a scene where Wu Zun saw Ah Sa wearing a long white gown with her hair floating back, Wu Zun said that he has seen the scene in his dream before. Afterward, the two of them met and share a good time together, but because of family pressure, the pair of lover couldn't do anything, so at the end they die with sorrow. Although, the public mention that the MV has already reveal the plot and the ending, Ah Sa expressed that no one beside the cast know what really happens at the end, the ending would surprise everyone.

Talking about Ah Gill

At the event, many of FH fans were there to support it but majority was Twins inland fans. They were wearing an orange T-shirt with Twins slogan. When the director expresses that beside Xian Se Li, there was also another honor guest that will support Ah Sa, and asked the fan who do they most hope it to be, the fans immediately shout loudly, "Ah Gill, Ah Gill!" When accepting interviews, Ah Sa explained that, "Maybe it's because I haven't been with Ah Gill for a long time and also haven't come to Guangzhou is the reason. I hope that it'll be quick before we get to sing together again." When asking about Ah Gill's recent mood, Ah Sa expressed that Ah Gill is very substantial, she is practicing dancing and singing, and also practicing kung fu. However, both of them feel that it's not the best time to appear together, but they are planning, Ah Sa asks the fans not to worry, because Twins just need some time.

Talking about wanting to change

After , Ah Sa had a period of time away from filming, she expressed that she likes literature performance, she has attempts to do new things, including writing songs, writing a book, and even directing a MV, also travel to many places. "I started to realize that I want to change, I want to take on many different role."

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