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Friday, August 29, 2008

Coco Jiang releases new book; Dylan Kuo attends her press conference

On the 28th, Coco Jiang held a press conference for the release of her new book “Coco Jiang’s Wildlife Park – Palawan”. She invited her previous co-worker Dylan Kuo to attend. Dylan is currently facing huge criticism from the media for the rumours about Rosamund Kwan. Hence, he only appeared for 10 minutes. His manager expressed, “Purely just to help a friend, he does not want the focus to be on him.”

Coco also invited her co-worker Show Luo from current idol drama “Hot Shot” to write a blurb. When asked what about Jerry Yan , Coco replied, “Having Show is enough.” For her book, she wore her swimsuit in the Philippines to show off her amazing body, and as a result, she had many guys running after her. She says that she is reasonably happy with her body, and is considering a nude photo shoot in Africa for her pictorial. Even though her boyfriend does not want her to, she says that she does not care.

1 comment:

ilovecoco said...

thats gud to hear.. i really like her sexy body too.. i wish i haeve that...