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Thursday, August 28, 2008

5 Big Pepsi Superstars Gather For First Advertisement

The 5 Pepsi superstars Louis Koo, Jolin Tsai, Lee Jun Ki, Show Lo, and Huang Xiao Ming gathered for a Pepsi Ad photo shoot. This rare chance of not having to climb mountains, swim in the seas, go back to past, or challenge the future, everyone comfortably had a party. Jolin joked and said, "This is the most relaxing Pepsi ad. Huang Xiao Ming is really lucky not having to climb mountains and swim the seas."

After Mr. Koo and Huang Xiao Ming's Love China Thumb ads, in September the whole Pepsi family will be emerging with 2 outfits.

Lee Jun Ki
: "I've seen Pepsi's earlier costumes, there were ancient robes, blue birds, and circus get ups. This is my first Pepsi outfit, even I'm really excited. This time it will fulfill both our wishes. What you see now is just a warm up. Our family of 5 is going to have a party, the second part of our outfit is super awesome. We have a prepare ourselves from the inside to out in order to film, so we have to have a party first to give us a warm-up."

Louis Koo : "Every year, our photo shoots are done separately, But this year, Pepsi wanted the new members to immediately warm up to each other, so we're filming together. Lee Jun Ki, Show Lo, and I are a set, and Jolin, Huang Xiao Ming another. I've always admired Show Lo, so we clicked immediately. With Lee Jun Ki, even though we have a language barrier, he's very smart though. Show and I like to horse around with him. He's got so many poses, so he's the one leading Show and me. Yanking and pulling, laughing and being annoying, we just get horsing around. You guys will know when you see the behind-the-scenes."

Show Lo : "The interaction with Mr. Koo and Jun Ki was great. I talk about everything with Mr. Koo. We talked about collecting toys, talked about clothes, and we talked about how we could prank Jun Ki. Once we're sitting next to each other, it's just nonstop from there. But we were actually pranked by Jun Ki, Haha. Though there's a language barrier with Jun Ki, but we could communicate with our eyes, and also talked to him about Japanese. And the funniest thing is, squashed between them, between a dark and a light, I became the intermediate skin color. And like that, one day, we just became...the 3 Kabob Brothers."

On the other side, Jolin was the senior status, becoming the leader, and introduced the past Pepsi Commercials to Huang Xiao Ming.

Being the first time working with the sexy goddess, Huang Xiao Ming kept sweating due to his nervousness, and was teased by everyone.

Jolin : "When I filmed Pepsi before, I was usually the only girl, and so I there are lots of hot guys that take care of me. This time it's just Xiao Ming and I, we've brushed shoulders at the back stages of various awards ceremonies. But today I discovered that he's actually quite shy."

The teased Xiao Ming : "Today is our first time collaborating, and there's only the two of us, and everyone wants us to get closer, so I'm a bit shy about it. Guys are all like that."

In September, Pepsi Superstars will be coming out with their second outfit, and all left teasers for everyone to anticipate about. Xiao Ming : "The second outfit, we'll be making a huge change. May it be the audience or ourselves, we're all excited. It's a super cool look that we all haven't tried before. Just wait for it! !"

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