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Saturday, August 30, 2008

Karen Mok "I was not the third person in the bathroom"

Athena Chu recently stated in TVB's "Be My Guest" interview that 10 years ago when she was working in Mainland with her boyfriend who was also from the entertainment industry, she caught her boyfriend in the bedroom with another woman. She suspected that there was woman hiding in the bathroom. Athena expressed that she would often go and visit her boyfriend to say Hi and he would always welcome her. However on that day, he did not open the door when she knocked. When she was allowed in she felt that the bed was very warm and she could not open the bathroom door. She realised what was going on and immediately left the premises in tears. But what was most shocking was that her boyfriend stated she didn't know the person hiding in the bathroom. Since Athena did the "Be My Guest" interview the paparazzi's had been very curious of who the person "Hiding in the bathroom" was. They speculated that Karen Mok was involved in the incident because they believe the boyfriend Athena was talking about was Stephen Chow even though she didn't mention names. During the time they were filming the movie "A Chinese Odyssey" Karen was rumored with Stephen. Yesterday evening Karen Mok appeared at Marc Jacobs Autumn and Winter Fashion Show and it was the first time she responded to the report.

When Karen heard about the rumors about her being the third person in the relationship and suspected being caught by Athena. Karen angrily said " I am being framed, it's really a load of nonsense. I do not know who Athena is referring to but that person is definitley not me. I have always been someone who will do things in the Open and upright and will never be sneaky. I will also not be a third person. Also in that movie there were many female artists and female workers, it could have been any of them. Why do you speculate it's me? It's certainly not me and I don't deserve this. It will affect my reputation and you cannot go around talking about this nonsense.

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