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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Tanya Chua Professes Her Love For Eason

Tanya Chua Professes Her Love For Eason

Golden Melody "Song Queen" Tanya Chua does not have a love partner, on August 16, 2008, she appeared at the recording of Shen Chun Hua Life Show (沈春華Life Show) with Golden Melody "Song King" Eason Chan where they jammed to each other's love songs. Eason admits that he frequently forgets his lyrics and Tanya says she most admires men like Eason. Happily listening to the praise from Tanya, he gets called back to reality by host Shen Chun Hua who says, "You already have a wife."

Tanya goes on to say, "I like both him as a person and his songs." She says that in her 20's, she will easily fall in love with the opposite sex if he is talented, but it is not reality, further saying, "Now, when I look for a partner, I hope that he is talented, has stability and has personality with a sense of humor, like Eason." Eason laughs and says, "I totally agree."

Eason is extremely supportive of Tanya as he pulls out a book written by Tanya and asks for her autograph and says, "I am a low-key fan. I quietly purchase your books." Tanya, who is ecstatic, tells him to ask her for the books next time [instead of purchasing them himself], Eason then turns into a fan and says, "I'm afraid that if I ask you for your books, I'll have to wait a long time."

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