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Thursday, May 29, 2008

Wuzun Does Not Admit Ella's Relationship ~ Named Heart Breaker

Ella earlier disclosed personally that she and a collaborated male actor in the filming of an idol drama ad a deep aching heart relationship, people of the outside world pointed towards Wuzun, not knowing Wuzun chose to laugh to clear the relationship, caused Ella's fans to heavily criticize, yelling at him as "heart breaker", causing Wuzun to be hurt. Coincidently the two this year together were spokespersons for a certain sports drink, lately only Ella has been broadcasted, not seeing the Wuzun version, some netizens have wrote, this could be Ella's "sweet revenge", make Wuzun cut off!

Wuzun and Ella were rumoured because of the collaboration in the idol drama "Hana Kimi", and were also voted by netizens as the best couple onscreen, but at the time most of the media agreed that this rumour is a way to make news, until Ella spoke to the media about the past's "real rumour", and from "Hana" drama staff also loosened mouth, stating have often saw Wuzun getting in Ella's car, activity were intimate.

But with understanding, Wuzun's thought of Ella admitting the situation, has caused him "to be great suspect" to this matter, is extremely shocking, and now with the reaction of the netizens, has totally surpassed his expectation, Ella's fans pointed him as "heart breaker", breaks bridge over the river, his fans have broke the phones lines of his management company, requesting his management company to have Wuzun come and speak out, the staff at the company said, this whole matter Wuzun feels very wronged, since it's not him.

Sichuan occured a huge earthquake, many have died or injured, Wuzun was in Shanghai filming "Kungfu Butterfly", even though he wasn't in the disaster area, he had deep feelings, everyday he saw the news broadcast of the disaster area with people loosing family members, makes him think even more of his family, so with the few days Fahrenheit films an ad in Malaysia, Wuzun no matter what must go to Brunei.

The sports drink ad lately has not broadcasted his version, the management company says, Wuzun and Ella each filmed an ad, originally they were going to alternate broadcasting, even with this time of matter it ties to some relationship, that is really too boring.

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