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Saturday, May 31, 2008

Eddie Peng kicking crazily at the KungFu Master; being called as [Courageous Peng]

The previous day Eddie Peng has made an appearance at CTS’s [Arts United Nation] to promo the new series [Honey and Clover] and shot to fame with just one kick! The show has invited a master who has won 8 titles in the Guinness World Records with his [Super Durable Private Part] to show off his talent. Eddie Peng who was privately being called as an overly active child has volunteered to prove the master’s ability and kicked very hard at the master’s private part. After he has finished kicking the master, he was showing a very satisfying expression and said: [It is real!] His excited expression and together with the painful expression from all the men in the set, it was truly a very interesting image.

In order to promo the idol series [Honey and Clover], Zheng Yuan Chang, Eddie Peng, Janine Chang, Lego Li and the other casts have make an appearance at CTS’ [Arts United Nation]. Eddie Peng who was personally being called as an overly active child was tremendously excited and jumping around when he heard that he could irresponsibility [kicking crazily at people’s private part]. Once the master is ready, Eddie Peng immediately kicked the master two or three times. All the men on the set were already showing painful expression or shouting for pain. Everyone immediately asked Eddie Peng why he dares to kick the master, he said: [Because he is a Guinness World Reocrds holder… so that is why I kicked him that hard.]

Compare to Eddie Peng’s kicking madness; both David Chen and Lin Dao Yuan were so horrified that they have wobbly knees because of it. David Chen only dares to give a light kick and ran off immediately; Xiao Zhong who was watching it at the side couldn’t bare it anymore and said: [Every man will understand, the pain when their private part was being kicked, will feel like dying!] Lego Li was showing a painful expression too, it was like he was being kicked instead; while Janine Chang just turned her head and refuses to see it. The whole set, only Eddie Peng is the most amazing person.

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