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Saturday, May 31, 2008

Jay Chou's 3D animation exposed for the first time, supporting the Fine Day School charity funds

The average number of 12 to 20 year old youths going online in Taiwan is nearly 96% at the moment, in a year one out of every two youths is a blogger, this shows the closeness of the Internet and youths.

The chairman of the John Tung Foundation Lai Dong Ming expressed according to screening of depression last year (September - November), analysis on the data from John Tung Foundation, there were 4,519 youths who went online to do the check on if they have depression, in there 38.7% clearly had depression and needed professional help. There were 3,689 people aged between 19-24 who used the website to do the depression check, there were as high as 37% who clearly had depression and need professional help. And at the same time, the number people surfing the John Tung Foundation website to find out about depression was at 38,919. Lai Dong Ming stressed that these users may have wanted to find out about their condition so they visited the website to find an answer, resulting in a distinctly higher count from the depression screening compared to last year's investigation. But this also indicates the number of depressed youths is increasing, they want to find information and resources on help from the web.

Thus, the John Tung Foundation and the Taiwan postal department are working together on "The Fine School Day - Protection Against Depression Support Website", they hope through funds donated they can build a website to offer a more suitable platform for youths to find help.

They have invited Asia young heavenly king Jay Chou to be the spokesperson for this charity event, at the same time well known manga artist Mai Ren Jie will be designing Jay Chou's first 3D animation model, they are appealing to citizens to support "Fine Day School" charity event. Mai Ren Jie expressed that when he was producing the animation he met with Jay Chou face to face to discuss the idea, he could feel the his caring intention for depressed youths. That's why this animation is made for Jay Chou's image, from his angle he sees depressed youths appear and how to help them move away from depression, a fine school day emerging.


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