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Saturday, May 31, 2008

TVXQ / DBSK's 2nd Asia Tour ~O~ Concert in BEIJING

After the success of their first major Asian concert in China (“O” Concert), TVXQ is again scheduled to perform a second time in the Mainland. Soon they will be heading to Beijing for their slated June 12 schedule, which is reportedly the last leg of their 2nd Asian Tour ~O~ Concert (the Hong Kong leg seemed canceled ~ but needs verification).

On the Internet, online ticket traders label the concert as “TVXQ Beijing Concert 2008,” while some call it “Beijing Oriental Concert.” Supposedly it was said that Shanghai was their grand finale for the Asian Tour, but after some recent schedule adjustments, it was revealed that they are indeed performing in Beijing after all.

The concert will start at 8pm (others say it’s 7:30pm) which will be held at the newly completed Fengtai Sports Center Softball Field. It has a seating capacity of 13,000, and a floor-space of 15,570 square meters. The same stadium / field will also be used for Olympic Softball competitions in the future.

The concert is said to be a two-and-a-half hour show, where TVXQ will perform 25 of their hit songs. They will also do solo performances, just like in their “Seoul Encore Concert” last October 2007, in Korea.

Organizers of the event guarantee that everything will come as planned. For assurance, they will be preparing one (1) week before the concert. Reportedly they have and will spend a lot of money for this grand concert, which will give TVXQ fans a fantasy-like ambiance during the event.

According to DreamMaker (a South Korean production company) they will be using the same materials and equipments used at the “Encore Concert” in Seoul, with everything including lightning, audio, multimedia, costumes, and stage design. Seemingly, they’ll be transporting everything from South Korea directly to Beijing. Roughly, the concert will cost around 10 Million Yuan, equivalent to around 1.5 Million US Dollars.

And to the delight of the fans, according to a person in charge of the event, fans will be able to see TVXQ up close, because the seats will just be around 10 meters away from the stage. Though we have heard of fans complaining about the seating plan, that it was actually farther away from the stage than mentioned.

For reference, please see seating map and concert details below.

Date / Time:
June 12, 2008 ~ 7:30 PM / 8:00 PM

Venue / Address:
Fengtai Sports Center Softball Field, No.67, Fengtai Road, Fengtai District

Ticket Prices:
280 / 480 / 880 / 1080 / 2008 (in Chinese Yuan)

Book Tickets:

Tel Nos:
86-10-64177845 / 400-810-1887 / 010-8408551

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