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Saturday, May 31, 2008

Look-alike Jay Chou man becomes spokesperson for fake brand and pretends to be heavenly king in commercial

When you're popular you get a lot of rumours. Even though Jay Chou has been busy recently with fundraising and work but there are still people using him. Yesterday reporters discovered a on the website of a company that produces MP3, MP4 players a model that looks like Jay Chou being their spokesperson, they even hit a touch ball and used the phrase "An illustrious performance, incomparable" as the commercial slogan. Yesterday reporters called Jay Chou's company, one of the assistants expressed after they investigate the matter if they find the rights of their artists has been violated then the company will entrust legal staff to take action.
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On the company's website, reporters found a young man dressed in a white shirt with a black suit, he had a black player in his hand, this young man had a bit of curly hair on his forehead, just from a glance he has some of Jay Chou's expression.

Besides a good imitation, there was also a commercial slogan that might as well have used Jay Chou's name "An illustrious performance, incomparable" (in Chinese two parts of Jay Chou's name are used, the two words bolded). This kind of touch ball method made many fans sigh "Nearly fell for it, I even thought it was a product Jay was being spokesperson for, I nearly bought it". But there were also consumers reminding others, "Look at it clearly, that's not Jay Chou."

Based on the telephone number of the company on the website, reporters contacted the client manager Mr Wang of the company. When reporters asked him if the person in the commercial was Jay Chou, he expressed, this person is a look-alike of Jay Chou. "He looks a lot like Jay Chou, he came out after entering a imitation show." Even though Mr Wang explained it like this, but the commercial slogan "An illustrious performance, incomparable" is still misleading consumers. To this, Mr Wang expressed that their commercial slogan is only promoting their products, they are definitely not using Jay Chou's sign.


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wtf the guy on the box is defintely not jay~